Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hypnotic poems are working for him!

Received this email from LL. He got my book a while back and has been not only using my hypnotic poems for hypnotic seduction but has started writing some of hos own. LL sent me one of his hypnopoems and I made some suggestions. Here is his response:

Hi Thanks Phil, you're the best!!! I will take your suggestions and re-edit it.. every woman I read it to loved it, one told me it was really hot!!! I think it made her hot. by the way I have memorized 6 of your poems..and now with this last one I just wrote, they really believe I can write this stuff. It's amazing how your poems affect these women!! It they definitely open the door. I was reciting "Sublimity", "In an instant", and "Right Now" to this woman I havent seen in 30 yrs ( I swear, we were at a restaraunt) I was in the middle of In an instant, she was staring at me in a daze while holding her fork trying to eat tapping it on the table as I recited the words. she pulled me to up close to her inside her car an hour or so later that evenin and was trying to make out with me. I could have had her right then and there. This stuff is awesome...thanks again for the tips!!