Tuesday, July 13, 2010

[Hypnopoems] Speed Seduction Patterns

I received an email from a guy who said that he used my audios and videos to relax and get to sleep. Here is my response to my putting him to sleep:

No worries about the relaxation. After all, I am doing hypnosis. Just means you are a great hypnosis subject!

When you find yourself thinking that you have an issue to work on, health and fitness, love and romance, wealth and success, go to this website and get the cds most appropriate to your issue:

I have several of these and I use them to go to sleep at night or to take a 'nap'. The one on Procrastination is in my cd player right now and it has been very helpful to me.

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To: Phil
Subject: Re: [Hypnopoems] Speed Seduction Patterns for adam

[Unfair Advantage] She admits doing it!

I put an article out on hubpages called "How to Cure a Sexless Marriage":

In it I took a controversial stand by saying that in an exclusive relationship, withholding sex from your partner is a form of physical abuse.

I expected to take some heat from women and therapists - for reasons why see the article...

To my surprise the first comment I got was from a woman who admitted that that was exactly what was going on when women withhold sex from their guy.

Here is part of her comment:

"... witholding sex from a man is a form of domination, it is done to break a man into acknowledging that you are the dominant one in the relationship..."

Read why a woman would do it and how you should handle it when she tries it on you!


Phil Billitz

Steve G. Jones, celebrity hypnotherapist makes a SHOCKING offer

My trusted colleague Steve G. Jones just made an extremely nice offer that people are flocking to his website to take advantage of it.

Let me tell you why.

Steve just completed an NLP Practitioner course and decided to give it away for pennies.

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And now for the best part.

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Guess what!

Steve did give it away for pennies, and here's why.

The complete package includes ten full length videos and a 100-page eBook on NLP, valued at $675.

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If you enroll today, he will gladly put everything in an electronic basket, and courteously give it to you for just $147 - an instant 80% discount!

This shocking offer has been temporarily extended for my subscribers, which means it can end at anytime.

Talk soon,

P.S. This is the most useful course you'll ever take in your life! If you do nothing else today, at least go see the website.

P.P.S. To sweeten this already sweeeeet deal, I will give away a free copy of my Hypnopoetics Hypnotic Seduction Package ($169.80 value) to everyone who purchases Steve's NLP Practitioner course.

Here's what you'll need to do to get a free copy:

1. Go here and grab a copy of The NLP Practitioner course:

2. Send an email to me at phil(at)4qtllc.com. Make the subject:  "Steve Jones Bonus". Include your name, email, and the Clickbank receipt number you will receive when you purchase Steve's NLP Practitioner course. I must have ALL of that information to set you up.

3. After I verify that your receipt number was purchased through the page at
I will send you the download link for the Hypnopoetics eBooks and audio book ($169.80 value).

motivational cd/mp3 and hypnotic poetry

Thank you for the response. I knew I did good when I ordered from you. I'm
letting my friends know about your stuff as well. It seems to be very
Any suggestions on motivational cd/mp3?
She is starting to wonder why I like reading the same poems over. but hey,
they still work.
Bob -
Thanks for the kind words.
Here is a link to a hypnosis/motivation cd site that is far and away the
best I have used. I have the "procrastination" in the cd next to my bed - I
use it often.
When you are on the site, look on the left-hand side of the page under
"Categories" and click on "health and fitness". There are several listed
that could be of tremendous help to you and your lady.
Stay in touch,
P.S. Also be sure to read my article on hub pages:
It ties in nicely with using the hypnotic poems
<http://www.hypnopoetics.com/> ...